Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf Installation

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Two prominent features of the Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf make it very installer friendly.

Each end of the Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf is notched to allow it to fit in place without having to cut tile or stone around the ends. This also provides flexibility to form slot and install Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf after you complete the walls, freeing you from having to work around the shelf.

Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf is designed with a soap dish on both sides. This makes the Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf versatile for placement in any corner.

To Install:
Set wall tile to height shelf is to be located. Install next row of tile around shelf; which will form a 9/16″ slot.

The shelf may then be caulked in place or removed for installation after wall is completed.

If shelf needs to be trimmed, use a wet-saw, 4″ diamond wheel hand grinder, belt sander or table saw with finish carbide blade.

Installation of Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf Over Existing Tile or Stone Tiled Walls

Installation is made easy, because of notched ends of shelf. Locate corner where you want to install your shelf. Pick a grout line that shelf will rest on.

Clean out grout line, with a grout saw and utility knife.

With masking tape, tape off area above grout line and mark a 9/16″ line above your grout joint. Also mark ends of shelf as illustrated.

With a 4″ diamond wheel hand grinder, cut along lines to make slot.

Clean up corner with a Zip or Dremel tool. Once slot is cleaned out set your Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf in slot.

Caulk in place with appropriate color of siliconized acrylic latex caulk. Smooth out caulk and clean off excess with a damp cloth.