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soapholder2The Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf is made from DuPont™ Corian®, a product that is known for it’s lasting beauty and durability. They are made in 5 basic colors and 5 designer colors.The Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf is designed with a soap dish on both sides. This makes the Caddy Shelf versatile for placement in any corner.

2tub_1The Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf is designed to complement your bathroom tile or stone as well as provide extra storage space for shampoo and soap. The notch in the soap dish is designed to hold a scrubby. This helps eliminate the buildup of soap scum on your wall.You can install the Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf in new or existing tile and stone installations.Although one Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelf makes a nice addition to any tub or shower installation, two can make it even better. We have found that most of our installations are for two Shampoo & Soap Caddy Shelves, such as in his and hers.

newhpimageNow you can add our new Towel & Razor Holder. It perfectly complements the Shampoo & Soap Caddy and is made from the same DuPont™ Corian®.Now you can order two Shampoo & Soap Caddy shelves and get a Wash Cloth and Razor Holder FREE with our Combo Kits.